Why I create SandengJS/為什麼我創建SandengJS

I like to create little things, and I want to continue as I was still alive after this disaster of neuro disease. But I still haven’t figure out a domain name for the site hosting my creative works for a long time. My pen name called Third Estate Technician, the abbreviation “TET” in popular domain providers is registered by others of course and I’m not sure whether I should choose a postfix or a variation, then I found that its pinyin “sandengjishi” looks not bad actaully: the last part “jishi” means technician in Chinese and can be abbreviated as js, so the entire abbreviation can be sandengjs.

Also, I got an idea to write a new novel highly related to land and sand etc recently, its title is “Unreal Fields”(“非真實地場” in Chinese) currently.

So I create a Javascript project named “sandeng js” as my project name, the project will include Javascript libraries I built to finish the novel(if there’s any) and I’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll include more in this project.


同時,我有寫個新小說的想法,是寫有關土地、沙粒之類的,暫時命名為“非真實地場”(英語是Unreal fields)。


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